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New 3s-gte build - trigger errors when swap to CAS

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Hi all, we recently got our freshly built 3S-GTE running in our ST185 caged tarmac car. To get it going, we used the two trigger signals from the stock distributor. Now that we have a much smoother idle (thanks Adam), the next step is to switch Trigger 1 to a reluctor CAS with a 36-1 tooth trigger wheel mounted on the crank (for more stable timing).

In the Trigger 1 settings I have set 'Multi-tooth post' to 'crank' (was previously 'cam'), and set the Tooth Count to 36 (was previously 24). We have set the reluctor nice and close to the wheel, so we have a good strong signal, but we still seem to be getting Trigger errors. 

I think it maybe just a matter increasing the Trigger Arming Threshold a bit, but not too sure.

I have attached a copy of the tune (fuel=off deliberately), a triggerscope, and a log.

Any comments most welcome.

59-Shelley setup for CAS with fuel off and CAS closer - still no luck.pclr 210307-Shelley triggerscope with CAS sensor much closer still 5 errors.llg 210307-Shelley with CAS sensor much closer -full log.llg

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If you are using a 36-1 trigger wheel then you need to use Trigger mode "Multitooth/Missing".

Then under trigger 1 settings you can allocate how many teeth the wheel has and how many are missing.

Trigger 2 settings look correct if you just want the Cam tooth from the dizzy to be your cam signal. Maybe take your filtering back down to 1 though, don't use filtering if you dont have to. 


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The 205 base map used to be out by 360 degrees.   They've changed it now but if you it means if you'd originally corrected it for being 360 out and then upgraded the firmware it could potentially be out 360 again and would need moving back

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