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Cyclic idle limit not respected


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I'm in the process of re-configuring cyclic idle on my car with a GroupN setup. Current applicable parameters:

Cyclic Idle Mode: ON = System Armed

Cyclic Idle Low: 15%

Cyclic Idle High: 20%

Cyclic Idle Limit: 1600

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if if the engine is ever over 1600RPM, the cyclic idle should not be activated, right? What appears to be happening is that if the TPS falls between 15-20%, even at RPMs > 1600, there is spark and/or fuel cut occurring. It makes it very difficult to drive.

At large TPS angles, there is no issue whatsoever. However, feathering the throttle (at cruise, for example) makes things very jerkey, even when RPMs are around 3000.

In pseudo code, I would think that the following would be how it would function:

if(RPM<=cyclic_idle_limit) {

  if(TPS < cyclic_idle_high && TPS > cylic_idle_low) { 




It feels like to me, it's doing something similar to

if(RPM<=cyclic_idle_limit || TPS < cyclic_idle_high) {

  if(TPS > cylic_idle_low) { 




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