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Multi Boost Level on Ethanol % Content

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I have a quick question in relation to Multi Boost Level on variants of Ethanol % Content

At 15%+ Ethanol Content, my AFR's are pretty much spot under full load

At 11% Ethanol Content, my AFR's are way richer ???


By the looks of things my Wastegate Duty Cycle % are lower on the 11% Ethanol as I would expect it to be

Is there a simple explanation for this? 


Map uploaded 

Thank you 

98 TUNING .pclr 15% Ethanol CRUISE.llg

11% Ethanol Drive.llg

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The 15% log you attached is different to the one you show above, it is only 9 minutes long and it shows lambda is similarly "richer than target" as your 11% eth log above.  

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Im having trouble spotting the cause of the different AFR.  For similar conditions the commanded injector PW's tally up to to what my rough theoretical calculation would suggest is needed to achieve the same AFR for the difference in fuel stoich.  There's a few other differences that throw a spaanner in the works however so dont make the comparison easy. ethanol temp, charge temp, etc.  

Does the problem get worse at say 0% eth?  

My only other thought is the ZT3 wideband doesnt have an analog ground, that can often cause the AFR to read different when for instance a fan or similar turns on and causes a small ground offset between ECU and chassis.   Im not confident that is the problem in this case - but something to consider since two fans are on in your fan is on in the 11% point of interest shown above vs no fans on in the 15% point of interest.    

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