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fuel level problem

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Hello, I am trying to adjust a fuel level gauge

Full mark 13.22 OHM

Vacuum 220OHM

Reserve 0.22KOHM

I have put in a 80ohm 1W pullup resistor, and set it to anvolt5 but I am not getting any reading other than 5v.

I understand that at 100% it should have 3.66v but how do I calculate the rest?

I have all the cal table 1,2,3 occupied, what would be the best way to configure it?

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If it is always reading 5V then there is a wiring problem and it isnt going to work until you fix that..  You should see a variable voltage when it is working correctly.  

You can use cal table 7/8/9/10.  The voltage is not usually linear with fuel level due to the shape of the fuel tank, so it is best to calibrate it by starting with an empty tank and adding known volume increments - say 20L at a time and note down voltage for each volume.  Then use those numbers to make your cal table.  

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Thanks I have found a reading fault with a ground, since the oem installation of the car uses an analog ground that is not reading correctly link for the fuel tank

I will be fixing it and I will test, I will share the fuel level adjustment table if it works.

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I have already managed to solve this, I attach a formula (image) to calculate the necessary resistor, in my case I have used 1W 80ohm

Although the ohm value is measured, it is necessary to see the real voltage to make the calculation, I have adjusted it as GP Temp (Ext Pullup) in anvolt6

I have used cal table 7

And then 3 divisions of

100%- 0,6v

50%- 3.3v

0%- 3.9v

are made at the rate of the sender unit voltage at each site

Hope this helps someone



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