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No questions, just a compliment

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I drove my car today for the first time after changing over to my Link Monsoon-X. I was amazed at how, even in the rudimentary initial tune and tables, it already behaved significantly better than my previous standalone set-up (especially on part throttle driveability). 

I look forward to getting the system further dialed in, but so far it was worth every single penny. 

Also the Link support here is fantastic, thanks!

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I found exactly the same - I came from a piggyback ECU, which I'd spent a lot of time (and money) tuning, and it was kinda OK, but the first drive on the Link was mind-boggingly better!

With the excellent logging and Mixture Map feature, I've got it dialled in even better with a few iterations.

I'll still be visiting a dyno, but hopefully it'll just be a small tidy up and to try to hit a few load cells I've not hit on the road.

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