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Indication of pressure Decimal point

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Hello, everyone.

I want to display the decimal point of the pressure.
Currently, the display shows 2 followed by 3, 3 followed by 4, etc.
For example, the decimal point of 2.3, 3.7, etc. will not be displayed.
I also changed the gauge settings.
I was not able to solve the problem.

Please instruct me.

0il pressure.jpg

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The resolution of the channels are hardcoded, you cannot change it.  Why do you need a resolution of 0.1kpa when even a good qualtiy pressure sensor such as a honeywell PX2 has a total error band of +/-2% full scale.  So if your 1000kpa oil pressure sensor only has an accuracy of +/-20kpa it seems pointless to display with a resolution of 0.1kpa?


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