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Export a CANBus Config.

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I've currently have running on both my Link Atom and Xtreme, a low cost wireless telemetry solution using a connectionless high speed wifi network (ESPNow). While I'm currently using this for sub 20 meter high speed data (checking engine parameters while the car warms) the intent is also to run the race car dash wireless, and augment it externally with a battery powered RX8 dash (currently coding). 

My coding is awful, however I'd like to tidy it a little by constructing an independent CANBus config file for each of the Link CANBus configurations. Given I'm lazy, and the documentation has it in many different text formats, I wondered if there was any way to export the CANBus configuration from PC Link, or decode an LCS. 

An export/ LCS decode would ensure that every time I altered my CANBus config or anyone else wanted to use the code as a rudimentary base for telemetry they could alter the code base to match with relative ease. 

As an aside the ESPNow packets are picked up by a LoRa device for long range telemetry. The receiving end of which is both a standard WiFi AP and hosts a webpage with said data. 

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