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Neutral/Park idle step delay?

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Hi Gurus,

I have just put a G4+ in my '98 Supra to replace a Vipec V88 and while everything is running much better than it did on the V88, I have a question about the Neutral/Park idle step feature that I now have.  Is there a way to put a delay on it?

Basically, the car is a VVTi 2JZ with E-Throttle in front of an A340 (30-40-LS) with upgraded valve body.  So even at high DC the line pressure is quite a bit higher than stock so the shift from N to D can be "harsh".  Add to that the fact that now the idle will step up about half a second BEFORE drive physically engages due to the E-Throttle being quite responsive, it can be a "less than silky" experience putting the car in gear.

If I can put a short delay on the idle up and try to get it to idle up just as the gearbox engages, I think that could alleviate some of the pain. 

I've never used timers, but is this the sort of thing they are for?  I had a look but can't figure it out if so.



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Yeah, might have to set idle base/target mode to 3D and use a timer/virtual aux to change the base position (or E-throttle target).  If you attach the tune and a log of a N to D shift I would be happy to have a look.

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