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G4x monsoon not getting power

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As above, the monsoon led  is not on with ignition on after  the car sat two months.


I have continuity between 12v at the battery and at ecu end. 

I have continuity for computer ground

I have 0.03 volts with ignition on and i have the diagnostic light on on the dashboard.

Do you think the ecu is fried up?

It is almost a new ecu.


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Unlikely dead, but not impossible - I have seen ecu's fried from jumper leads or batteies connected backwards for instance.  Not saying thats what happened - just saying there are too many variables to hazard a guess.

Whenever there is a doubt of a hardware problem I find the best way to confirm is to remove the ecu from the car and power it up on the bench with a couple of small jumper wires.  It only needs 12V on pin 5 and groundd on pin 34.  This test quickly eliminates all vehicle wiring issue possibilities.  

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Ok so i ll try to power the ecu directly.  Thanks.

I forgot to say that the starter is not turning when cranking

Ok adam i ve tested the unit and the blue light came on steady or flashing caus my hand was shaking a bit.

What could be my issue though?

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