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Link Monsoon Capability

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hey all, trying to figure out if the link monsoon can run a K24A3 i-vtec with a turbo setup.

i bought the monsoon about 2 years ago.


i hear they dont have enough inputs and outputs??

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The K24A3 as far as I know has the 3 lobe Ntec cams with VVT as well - like a K20A.

A Monsoon should do this fine if you only need the basics (assuming it has cable throttle).  The Monsoon has 6 aux outputs, so for an NA engine you would use do something like this:

  1. VVT solenoid
  2. Vtech solenoid
  3. Idle valve
  4. Fuel pump
  5. Fan
  6. Tacho.

So none spare for say boost control, but there are a couple of ways you could free up a couple.  You could wire the coils wasted spark which would give you two ignition drives spare that you can use for auxes - or you can just have the fuel pump run all the time or use a temp switch for the fan.

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