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Evo 9 G4+ direct spark ingition output channel redefinition

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Hallo everybody,

i've got a silly question: how to redefine ingition output channel?


Still didn't understood the match between output and spark position, i mean:

AI1 -> coil nr1? AI2 -> coil nr2? AI6 -> coil nr2? AI7 -> coil nr4?

I just want to use wasted spark oem wireing for coil 1 and 4 and new one for coil 2 and 3, but i need to know how to link in configuration this outputs...



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If you want to change from wasted spark with 2 coils to to sequential ignition with 4 coils, then you must use Ignition drivers 1-4. These are wired to Cylinders 1-4 in cylinder order. (AI1 to cylinder 1, AI2 to cylinder 2, AI3 to cylinder 3, AI4 to cylinder 4).

Therefore, you will need to re-wire what is currently using IA3 and IA4 to outputs which are currently free - ie IA6, IA7 or AI8.


If you want to stick with wasted spark, then you only set AI1 and AI2 to Ignition, and set the spark mode to Wasted, and it will deal with it accordingly. This frees up AI6 and AI7 for other functions.

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