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How to see voltage values on an channels


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I'm having bit troubles with my ALM lambda.


I have the ANOUT from the lamda connected to AN Volt 4 as Wideband with Cal 4 as the calibration.

Cal 4 values are following:

Input Value A: 0.00V

Input Value B: 4.8V

Output Units: AFR

Output Value A: 10.29 AFR

Output Value B: 27.93 AFR

The values are from ALM support, they say that the default values are 0V = 0.7 lambda and 4.8 = 1.9 lambda. multiplied that by 14.7 to get the AFR.

The lambda is currently powered directly from the battery via fuse, (to enable me to setup my start maps right from the beginning). The grounds are connected

to sensor ground.

problem description:

The lambda has a display with 7 segment numbers displaying the lambda value. When the display is showing 1 for stoichiometric, i get 17 and change in the

Vipec as AFR. so something is off clearly. I've got just couple of days to get the car rolling so i can map it, it needs to be running before next weekend.

Is there a way for me to see the actual voltage that the AN out is getting without changing the cal table ? So can i somehow log the voltage also?

Also i'm having quite big troubles in connecting to the lambda with my windows7 pc, so i cannot easily change the settings. will try with XP laptop, but i have no clue about the COM settings it requires and the ALM people don't seem to be able to help me with those. strangely enough.

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Try setting the Anvolt 4 as "Voltage 0-5V" and not "Wideband" Then it should show the input voltage and not AFR. This is how i checked/calibrated my MAP sensor. To view the input value goto:

View->Runtime Value List->Analog Inputs->AN V4->Double click and press Ok.

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