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Subaru EJ20x Swap - G4X upgrade issues


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I need to work through some comm issues before i'm able to actually try getting this working again but I wanted to see if someone could look through my maps and see where I'm way off.

The cam timing offset numbers are not correct at all... can I test these on the g4+ and use all 3 values in the g4x? It doesn't look like the help file has any starting values. With my current comm issues I can't stay connected long enough to test and set them.

The car is running, driving, tracking, idling, etc etc and has been for over a year on the g4+. I, as best I can tell, have transfered every parameter over to the g4x program. However with the g4x installed the car will barely idle. I did the MAP cal, APS, Ethrottle cals and was able to force enough idle throttle percentage to be able to check the base timing which was close, only needed 0.4 adjustment.

I don't have any logs as I was getting frustrated restarting my laptop over and over again as it kept losing comms and locking up.

I'm either missing something stupid or my ECU has an issue.

Oh, these are both WRX104 PnP units. Zero wiring changes between them. Just swapping the ECU board inside the case.

LesboRacer EJ20x v3.20.pclr LesboRacerX 1.05.pclx

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Your fuel temp is reading 130°C so that will throw fuel off quite a way.  Change the active edge on the ethanol sensor to rising will probably fix that (Help file mistakingly used to suggest falling).  

Cam offsets will not prevent it running.  Once running you just put cam angle test to calibrate and it will fill out all thse tables by itself.  You will need to get the comms problem sorted first. 

As for the comms problem, I see you have quite an old G4X board, there was a hardware change on later boards that helped comms on some problem cars.  So it may have to go back for an update if you cant solve it.   Is it a stock ignition system with resistor spark plugs?   

Try the slow connection mode - you will find this in the configuration menu where number of cylinders setting is etc.  You need to store and power cycle for this to take effect.   Make sure in the connection settings the port is set to USB.  

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It is a stock ignition system. I thought it may be worse having the coil pack with the spark plug wire in between for checking timing but it didn't seem to make a difference.

I guess if there's a hardware upgrade I'd rather just get it done now and be done with it. (does this require going back to the mother land?)

I'll check that fuel temp.


Yes I thought I was doing slow and digging around I saw that slow setting in the config. I'll try that change too.

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