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G4+ to G4X Canbus


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Unless I'm reading the software wrong it looks like there were some changes between the G4+ CAN parameters and the G4x.

Example: IAT

G4+ : Min -50, Max 150, Display Offset 50 (all degF)

If I put 75 in the test calculator for a PClink Display data I get CANbus Data of 125

G4X : Min -50, Max 500, No Display Offset listed

My dash was displaying an incorrect IAT which is what led me to look at this so I'm assuming there really is a change and that there isn't a default offset...

Is there a list of CANbus parameters that have changed? or am I missing something? Basically I import all my g4+ streams into my g4X and I'm seeing incorrect values.

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Yep the scaling of custom streams has changed quite a bit, all the predefined streams are the same.  

Im not at a pc today but it is explained in the help file.  In G4+ all channels had some hard coded scaling.  In G4X they go out exactly as you see on the screen.  

So an example:  

batt voltage in G4+ had a hardcoded multiplier of 100.  So 12.67V would go out over CAN as 1267.  With G4X it is not scaled at all so if you sent without a multiplier 12.67V would go out as just 12 (everything is truncated to an integer for CAN).  To make this the same as G4+ you would need a multiplier of 100.

You can use the test calculator to see how it works.

if you want to attach your lcs files I would be happy to convert if you get stuck.

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