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V44 For Honda F20B


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Hi Simon,

I am running a Honda F20B in my mini race car and using Ducati 999 ITB's as the induction system. The Ducati ITB's run shower injectors at the trumpet opening, but I have mated the Ducati throttle body to the standard Honda inlet manifold, utlising the Honda injectors as primary injectors and my intentions was to use the Ducati shower injectors as secondaries (for improved throttle response and driveability down low).

Just wondering if you can tell me how to rig up a set of secondary injectors with the V44. If we use the standard 4 peak and hold injector outputs to run the standard injectors, what outputs should I use to run the secondary injectors.



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If you wish to retain sequential staging you will need to use the V88 (Has 8 injector drives)

On the V44 you could run group staged. This would drive the primary injectors off drives 1-2 and the secondary injectors off drives 3-4. (two injectors per drive).

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