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Using civic plug in on k20


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As title, I've blown the honda b18 motor again so I'm done with them. Looking to put a later k20 engine in now. I've currently got a PnP civic link 95, can I use this ok on the k20? Obviously I know ill need to suit the k20 loom to obd1 ecu plugs but other than that all ok? 

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Yeah should be doable, you will have to shuffle a few wires around.

Exhast cam sensor to trig 2, inlet cam sensor will need to go to one of the DI's 1-4.  Vtec solenoid wired direct to pin A4 (has high side drive hardfware on bottom board so doesnt need relay as shown below). VVT solenoid will have to go to Aux 1-4. 


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Just bumping this, in process of repinning a k20 loom into obd1 plugs to suit my ecu currently (quickest way for me to get back on circuit atm) 

I'm a bit stuck on how to wire the crank/cam sensors where the b series has dizzy. I've attached the pinout for obd1 ecu, on the b plug it says about P side and M side, what does this mean and how do I wire it? 


I think everything else i have sussed 


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