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Can anyone please help with info on this link ecu ? Was told it was on a rover v8 at some stage.... Is it capable of running a LS1 engine? How are they tuned laptop? Thanks in advance- Aaron 

Screenshot_20210708-035402_Trade Me.jpg

Screenshot_20210708-035330_Trade Me.jpg

Screenshot_20210708-035349_Trade Me.jpg




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It is a G1 "LEMV5".  Really need to see inside to see what type of triggerboard it has in it - these ecu's need a dedicated board to match the engine trigger, you cant change trigger settings via software.  Not suitable for an LS as it only has 3 ign outputs, so typically only used on distributor V8's.

It is PC tunable.  Personally I wouldnt bother fitting one as a new install today, far enough for an existing install, but hard to justify spending time and money installing something so dated and limited.

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