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primary Cam Trigger EJ20 DAVCS


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Whilst having a jolly good time on the Dyno, I was assisting ( or is that "assisting"........maybe don't answer that..) Looking for an issue, and being a bit old school you start at the basics. which is where you decide its all human error and start with the bleeding obvious.. Crank/cam trigger stuffups!

The Car has a   WRXLINK 107 and by the supplied Link pinout the Trigger 2 goes to Cam 2 (LH bank, controls cylinder 2-4). Not cam 1.

And I've wired the car to reflect this, So that part is right. (Remove plug, car no go, put back in, car go.....)

But can I confirm that Cam 2 IS the correct position and is there a particular reason for it? Or is this a throwback to the Time WRX's had a cam wheel trigger on the left and its never been changed?? Car runs and drives off boost fine. AVCS seems to do AVCS things. 

(05 Liberty 20x Motor..slightly frazzled owner...)

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I don't quite understand the question,  are you talking about bank 1 vs bank 2?  Where does your 'cam 1' and 'cam 2' terminology come from?  You can call whichever side you want 'bank 1'.

The only requirement is one of the intake cams needs to be connected to trig 2 for sync.  On our plug in ecus we use the LH intake.  The other cams can be connected to any of the di's in any order.  

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Bank one would be cylinder 1-3, bank 2 would be cylinder 2-4


cam one would be the intake cam for bank one


Dont cut, bank ..... that’s why you always listen to the nav...


but being serious again, so using either intake cam with the cam trigger makes zero difference.








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