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Downshift Auto-blip


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I’m looking for examples if possible, to run a downshift auto-blip and WOT upshift. 

This for a fury g4x. 
Car has e-throttle, with clutch switch and brake switch wired in to digital inputs. It’s a street car with a standard synchro H-pattern gearbox. 

Any suggestions and examples would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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For the blip in a road car application you are best to use a 2nd throttle target table so you can command a different amout of blip based on RPM or speed or both - so you get a less agressive blip (or non blip) when driving slow.  The gear shift function only gives you the ability to vary blip with gear pos.  Activate the 2nd E-throttle table using a GP output based on clutch and brake status or whatever else you want to lockout.  

Something like below.


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Thanks Adam. However this will be always on right? I was thinking of activating this through a switch when needed, combined with gearshift control for full throttle upshift function. I'm not sure if this is possible, i have not explored that yet.

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