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Polaris rmk 2011


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Friend of me have a 2011 rmk.

He bought a brand new vipec powersport ecu from canada (i think) 

We are looking for a base map.

And also, any suggestion on where to connect battery for programming. 


Is these ecu's locket with password?

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Hopefully it will have a base map still in it, it was originally shipped ready to go. I have a couple of maps from customers that I can give you if needed but I dont know how much they have been messed with so I would rather not if it is a new ecu.  

Im not confident I could give good advice for powering up the ecu, it has a very complicated power supply and some of it is high voltage CDI and I cant find much documentation for it so I will have to ask @simon if he can give you some info next week.  


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Im not sure sorry, I have a lack of experience with this type of vehicle.  We dont even get snow where I live and Link stopped making those ECU's long before I started working here so I dont know much about them.  I believe all sales and tech support of the snowmobile ECU's was done by a company in Canada as they had most of the knowledge.  Simon has worked here longer than me so hopefully he knows more.  I assume there must be some way to power it up without the engine running - otherwise you would never be able to change a map or update firmware.  

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From memory the sleds had a plug that you can connect an external power supply to and this will then liven up the ECU and the rest of the sled. 


At the ECU connector if you put 12V to pin 17 of the 34 pin connector and ground on to pin 15 or 16 the ECU should power up. 


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