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Turbo 350z - RPM's drop and stutter.


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Hey all, I'm very new to this so apologies in advance for that.

I just got done installing a turbo setup on a 350z. The G4X came pre-loaded with a tune for the exact setup I'm running, which I was told is very close to being spot-on. The car starts and idles okay, but any throttle application results in the RPM's dropping. The car smells very rich too. 

The car is booked in to be dyno tuned, but I was hoping to be able to drive it there and to iron out any flaws before that. 

Have attached a log which shows rev drop after each throttle blip. Calibrating the TPS seemed to slightly improve the problem.





PC Datalog - 2021-11-25 12;23;19 pm.llgx

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