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High VE table numbers, low inj duty cycle


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Bosch 2000cc injectors 

E85, -8 feed and -6 return lines, walbro 450 in tank pump.

I've been adding more and more to the VE table but my injector duty cycle doesn't seem to change much. I'm thinking i must have a setting wrong as I'm pretty new to tuning. Fuel pressure does start to drop slightly at higher RPM, i think it might be the standard fuel hanger restricting flow. All wiring to fuel pump is new and fit for higher amps. 

looking to add more boost but don't want to until this is resolved

Also alot of the map is un tuned and i forgot to re calibrate tps before i drove off, why my ign timing is a bit all over the place. 

Thank you all!

Ve table log.llg Ve table.pclr

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Most of your basic settings look about right.  A couple of small changes I would suggest:

  1. I would change the multifuel density to 0.782 which would be closer for E85. 
  2.  I would turn off the IAT compensation, as this is already in the model based of charge temp approximation.
  3. The Y axis of the deadtime table should be differential fuel pressure, not fuel press.   The deadtimes also look awfully short, I would maybe consider trying the ID2000 published data.  Its not going to make much difference at high load anyway but they just dont look right.
  4. Charge temp table usually ends up with larger values than yours, the example in the help file is usually a good starting point and works pretty well for a wide range of engines.
  5. Finally, I have never personally flow tested the 2000cc injectors on ethanol, but in my experience most injectors flow significantly less when tested with ethanol - like 7-15% less than petrol.  So you could just drop that flow rate on the multi fuel menu until the VE numbers look more realistic.  Your petrol VE numbers still look a little on the highside but probably close enough.
  6. I would also suggest updating to the latest firmware 5.6.8.    
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