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Verifying injector settings, just looking for clarification


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I'm in the process of driving the car around on the initial map for the first time and noticed that I keep getting a warning about injectors clamped on minimum settings. As I've been searching the internet trying to get the data for my specific injectors (to verify, I had the data initially but couldn't find the file again), I noticed that while close, the data entered in my file is slightly off of what I'm finding on injector data sheets. Is "Minimum Effective Pulsewidth" the same as "Minimum Linear Pulsewidth" on the data chart? Not sure how significant a .85MS difference could prove to be once tuning progresses.


(Current settings below) 466997855_FuelmainSS.png.4a53801b41259c7061d9c921dba0f761.png


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4 hours ago, SkyEyes said:

I keep getting a warning about injectors clamped on minimum settings.

Note this is not a warning or error, it is just to alert the turner that you are sitting on the minimum clamp so you cant make it any leaner. 

It looks like from that data sheet that they are quoting actual PW for "Minimum Linear PW" Vs our minimum is based on effective PW.  So subtract your 14V deadtime from their value.  I suspect you may have to go even smaller than that since they give no info for what they consider is non linear - 1% non linear, 10% non linear?  A more common min effective PW would be somewhere around 0.2-0.7ms.  


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Very interesting. My 14v dead time is .801, so I’m actually not very far off. Would there be a benefit to lowering this, then? Not sure if I was understanding a previous post of yours correctly where you said “if you don’t understand how it works, set it to 0”. I can find linearity charts, but they offer pretty low resolution, and I don't really know what I'm looking at. 


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