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Wiring and Programming issues... 90' MX5 Turbo


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I am trying to run a Link G4x in my +T 90' 1.6 MX5 but am struggling with the final stages.
I need to find how to wire the AEM wideband sensor (currently the output (white) is to the VOLT 6 pin on the expansion loom. And the brown is wired to SGND. However in the software, i have no idea where I would start in trying to find this sensor/wideband input.

Same goes for a 3 port BCS, I have a Pos and Neg but don't know where to wire it into the expansion loom etc. What i have seen online is people splicing into factory wires but my car is obviously not turbo from factory so i dont know where i would wire the BCS to nor how to program it, in the link software. As i don't actually know how the solenoid triggers i don't know what i would be aiming to change with programming. Cheers

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For the wideband go to >analog inputs>lambda 1 and set the control to AN Volt 6, set the calibration to AEM X series assuming thats what you have.  

For the boost control, there isnt really a suitable output on the expansion on that ECU.  I would suggest using Aux 6 which is pin 18 or 2R on the main ECU header.  Connect that wire to one side of the boost solenoid and connect ignition switched +12V to the otherside of the solenoid.  

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Great, I will do those tomorrow.

Another one I am having trouble with, and don't know if it should be that way, is the IAT on the Analog box on the main configuration page only comes up with a reading of 1.45 for example. I am unsure if this again is user error or just how it is. I would have expected a temperature figure given that the table has an input of resistance and an output of Degrees C. As well as this, just checking, my TPS sensor reads 2.42V (Closed) and 1.08V (Open). Are these readings reasonable, and/or the right way around, i.e.. open is meant to be greater voltage etc.

I am also wondering, from my limited experience, the ECU seems relatively blind as to what the engine is doing in my car, in terms of RPM, Temps etc. Is this down to user error or strictly the age and simplicity of the 90' B6?

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You can view raw pin voltages or calibrated values.  You just need to look at the correct parameter.  The configuration page mostly shows raw voltages and statuses and other stuff that is useful when you are configuring things. 

What layout are you using?  Suggest loading the "Default 1366 x 768" one or the "1920 x 1080" one if you have an HD screen, then you may find things easier.  For example if you go to the fuel tune tab you will have most parameters you want to see when tuning fuel displayed such as those you mention - IAT & TPS.  

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