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Ignition cut for sequential on WRX104X G4X


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Analog input or AN Volt input is a input that is designed to take a 0-5V signal from a sensor.  Things like the MAP sensor, TPS, O2 sensor etc are connected to analog inputs.  

You possibly have a few options to choose from:

  1. AN Volt 11 or AN Volt 12 on the expansion port - You will need to buy an expansion loom to plug into this.  
  2. If the engine has had the TGV valves removed then you can use the old analog inputs for the TGV position sensors.  These are AN Volt 4 or AN Volt 5, ecu pins C26 & C27.
  3. You could use the old air flow meter input -  AN Volt 8, pin C23.
  4. You could use the rear 02 sensor input, AN Volt 7, pin D25.


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56 minutes ago, Alexduong88 said:

! so with the strain gauge with a amplifier that outputs 0-5V could you use the AN Volt 11 or AN Volt 12 on the expansion port? Or would I have to find a AN with a 5v? 

Thank for the help

The expansion port has +5V and sensor ground as well if needed.

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