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Dual vanos S50B32

Edmund Turner

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Hi all,  I need some advice and a sanity check on my VVT configuration for a BMW S50B32 with a link Fury ecu.

For the VVT setup ,  I use the cam angle test 'calibration ' function and inlet and exhaust tooth counts were populated automatically, 6 and 7 tooth accordingly.  Calibration passed but when I tried to advance the intake and exhaust cams, both inlet and exhast bank1 positions are not moving to match the target values.  From the logs, the solenoids does seem to be moving and no known errors reported from the ecu.  When testing the solenoids, we can hear them activate and the solenoids do receive 12Vsupply. 

This could be due a mechanical VANOS fault, but before I rebuild it I apprecaite if you can confirm my setup from the logs and basemap.  To note, we did replace both VANOS solenoid connectors as advice from the link documentation. 

Any advice is much appreciated . Thank you very much.

M3 test vanos 220122 .pclx


log is here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/15AB5tPn0udrG0XhXCbYLuk44XyQvZzii/view?usp=sharing


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Ok I see a couple of problems:

  1. Exhaust target table should have negative numbers in it (Negative is retard from home position).  
  2. I think we possibly have the minimum clamp set wrong in or default settings as your inlet cam isnt going below 0% DC.  

Try the map below, I have changed the vvt mode to user defined and changed the exhaust targets.  It may pay to do the calibration again.  


Vanos min clamp change.pclx

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Hi Adam, thanks for your advise. I used your map and calibrated it sucessfully.  Exhaust and inlet bank tooth offsets changed  slightly. 

Exhaust cam target/position is now tracking to the exhaust inlet map. Im not having as much luck with the intake side yet and will check the wiring after this to confirm but its a step in the right direction. 

Just to clarify, which are minimum clamps did I set wrong? 


Heres the log from todays test.



Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Edmund Turner said:

Just to clarify, which are minimum clamps did I set wrong? 

Not what you had set, when PID is set to default there are settings and tables in the background that you dont see, I suspect the min clamp is set wrong in one of these invisible tables

Your google drive link is restricted, you have to right click on the file and changing the sharing settings to something like "anyone with link". 

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Hi Adam, We double check the wiring  and confirmed vanos solenoids are getting 12V and connected to the correct auxilary outputs. I swapped the pressure solenoid to Aux 5 and bleed to aux 6.  I calibrated it again succesfully. However, when I rev to 2.5-3k rpm I noticed that "inlet bank 1  signal : Error :extra pulses " displayed in run time values. I still cant get the Inlet cam target/position to track tracking together. The exhause cam target/position is still tracking well. 








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With this log from today combined with the one from yesterday we have now tried sending 100% duty cycle to both inlet solenoids independently and the inlet cam hasnt moved.  That would suggest there is a mechanical issue with the VANOS on that cam.    

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Hi Frank, vehicle speed comes from the BMWs rear diff. Its a 2 wire reluctor sensor that is wired from the diff to the vehicle instrument cluster. You can tap into it with a digital input and sensor ground to the 2 wire reluctor sensor and calibrate it so the ECU has vehicle speed too.  I traced the wires and tapped them to the FURY and calibrated it to get the vehicle speed data to the ecu. Thats how I did it. 

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