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G1 may i get help with my ecu

Dom from Sydney

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The EMX is from before even the G1, that is a very old device.  That ecu had a special calibration module that plugged into it and was the only way to tune it, it cannot be tuned with a laptop or a G1 hand controller.  Unless you have that calibration tool you will not be able to do anything with it, they are very rare.  


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Sorry for the slow reply, I bounced it off Simon yesterday and forgot to report back.  

He says it is a very early G1 LEM, it is set up for distributor ignition only and a hall sensor that gives 1 pulse per TDC event (ie 4 teeth in distributor).  It can only be tuned with the hand controller.

We dont have any documentation for that specific version, but the LEMV3 manual will be the closest.  Some of the tuning menu items etc may be missing compared to the V3.  

V3 manual here:  https://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2550

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hello Adam hru.  Yep it is a very early one way back when i was doing my trade as a auto electrician. 

I found this car for my sister ,this silver thing with fins windsplitters full matching 80s body kit all over. loud rough hotdog muffler hanging from it.  i was only 14 my sister was 17.  we bug and buig and bug dad to listen to our offer.   Traded a shit box Triumph 2500tc i  drag from the wreakers for 70 wrote my own pink slip put 3 mounths dealers lic num . And limped it to the dealer. dad pull it off . what a star. not with me tho to finsh this  crazy car.  Ive had it since 15 . Gemini my sister alway said it was your car . so she gave it to me.  had to build a wreak for her.   So it a Holden  Gemini   ZZ/Z 85 Factory holden body kit and interior all that.   I brought the link from you brand nu . from a dealer in vicb    Ive just recieved the hand controller . Priceless cant believe i just did a random search and scrolled past this thing .  50bucks . link controller works . Not tested . was throwing out.       got It works perfect . well i think it is. Its just the operator thats not.  May i get a little heads up on it. the g1 was ordered with the dizzy board and ign black igniter . ive have the orig green manual setup mini folder with all the info you guys made back then .  just i need to ask some usal dumb ass questions that i prob aready know . I feel a liittle embrassed  asking , just its been 32 years since i pretty much drove my Gem box . i restored it and life comes and life goes but im not one to be one of those unfinshed projects guys.  im going to drive my car even if its for 10 mins with a g1 in it.  cause ill buy a new verison Link G from you cause thay are the best . alway the feedback i hear.   , Cheers adam  sorry about my phione book of words. Im Laying down PASSION.  Cheers  dom from stdney


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