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V88 Knock Control turning itself off - problem

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I have a wierd problem on the V88. Sometimes when I load a file into the ECU and the file has Knock Control enabled right after the file is uploaded Knock Control turns itself off. When I try to turn it on while conected to ecu it turns itself off again right after I turn it on. Restarting the Vipec software on the PC usualy doesn't help. Turning power off and on to the ecu seems to not help too. I have to restart the laptop, restart the ecu and then I'm able to load the file without knock control turning itself off - and that's not all the times. Sometimes doing that doesn't help. I had the same problem on 4.9.3 and I have the same problem on 4.9.8. What can be causing the problem?

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I know this is old, but thought I would share.  I've got a V88 on a 2JZ-GTE running latest available software/firmware and I have this happen every now and then.  I know I will never get a fix given the V88 is loooong out of support, so I have just gotten into the habit of checking knock control is on after I have finished tinkering with anything. You can just turn it back to and use existing settings, just make sure to not reset the knock threshold table.  Remember to STORE. ;)

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