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Mini cooper mpi 1300 (mems rover ecu) 1998 trigger setup

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Hi i am fitting a link g4x ecu on a mini 1300cc (mems ecu/ rover engine) from 1998, oem  ecu uses wasted spark coil, i wonder which kind of trigger wheel it has, and if linkecu support it.

I have read that could be 36-1 or weirder setups like 36-1-1-1



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I searched google for "Mini MPI Flywheel" and most look like this example below from MED.  This would be supported by the "Rover K Series 1L6 (14,3,13,2) trigger mode in G4X. 

A couple of sellers show a "MPI" flywheel with a 36-1-1 pattern, not sure if they have used an SPI picture tho.

Does it have  a cam sensor as well?


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I just talked to the firmware engineer this morning as I wasnt sure which Rover modes have been designed to work with a cam sensor.  It looks like the mode that you will need "Rover K Series 1L6 (14,3,13,2)" currently doesnt support a cam sensor - but the Firmware engineer says this will be easy to add and should be able to do it quickly when we have the right info.  

To get the info we need you would need to wire up the ecu - or at least connect the cam and crank sensors to the ecu and do a trigger scope while cranking.  That scope capture is all we need to get it underway.

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