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Yes , we (myself , my engine builder and my local ViPec dealer) checked everything over and over again with the same results , everytime we think its fixed its starts up all over again like its on a timer. I started to suspect bad or failing injector drivers on my 88 so for the last check we plugged in a brand new V88....and sure enough the motor did the exact same thing . I am now down to one last check, since the issue is clearly fuel related I am going right back to the original suspects ,the fuel injectors ! this may be hard to believe but is totally logical since I replaced all the injectors in my last build and I have already eliminated everything else.

Question ; is there any "special" setting apart from the dead times and injector type (saturated ) settings for the Injector Dynamics fuel injectors?

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Hi Marcel,

some advice for you to try.

You are running ID 1000 @43 psi fuel pressure.

Looking at your PCL file I notice a couple of injector related settings you can adjust and test.

My ID 1000 dead times @ 43.5 psi are as follows:

6 volt = 2980

8 volt = 2600

10 volt = 1675

12 volt = 1240

14 volt = 990

16 volt = 805

Your injector drivers need to be set to SATURATED which you have.

However the ID injectors require a Peak Amp setting of 4 amps and a Hold Amp setting of 1 amp.

In saturated mode the settings are Peak 8 amps and hold 0.1 amps default.

Unfortunately these can't be altered in Saturated mode only Peak and Hold Mode, but these injectors will still work.

Are you still running a Fuel Master of 20 ms and fuel master trim of 5%, with an idle fan trim of an additional 2.00 ms as you had in your last PCL.

I also see that you have quite a substantial 3 D injector timing table, curious as to how you came up with these numbers in your table.

You also have AIT correction turned off.

Your warm up enrichment table also has some strange settings EG: the 80 deg C column.

Are you running the same injectors for the primary and secondary, if so the deadtimes need to be corrected.



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UREKA!!!! :D turns out the issue was really located at the NEW ID 1000 primary injectors but it wasn't what I thought! After pulling the intake manifold apart I removed the primary rail to access and swap out the injectors for some old 450s to see if anything would change. With the rail in hand I pulled out the ID's and looked into the injector bores in the fuel rail , to see that the alignment between the fuel rail and the injector bores was grossly off(the injector tops left an impression in the aluminum ) , causing the injector bores to be blocked by the rail reducing the hole by approximately 70%!!! this was a strangely EXCELLENT find !! :D .After drying my eyes I quickly got my pencil grinder and opened up the bores in the rail to restore the alignment , re-assembled it all and ..............sure enough it started right up and idled in the 13,s!!!! IT FINALLY WORKS!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I think I need to take the blame for all the heart ache though , the manufacturer of the fuel rail makes an excellent product , but because I am running an aftermarket intake manifold set I had to make custom supports/spacers for the primary rail , apparently this threw off the alignment of the bores , goes to show that everything should be checked and re-checked especially when making modifications to stuff! Thanks every one for you interest and assistance.

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