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Astina 323BG/323F turbo


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Hey im a little new to all of this and while I still have a few things to look after with the car first, im just trying to map out everything that ill need before I continue to plan the turbo. I have a Astina 323F with a 1.6l SOHC engine and am considering replacing it with a DOHC 1.8l engine. 

Anyways, the ECU on an Astina 323F is not configurable and would like to know which standalone ECU I would require to replace it with. My understanding is I would then be required to take the ECU to a Dyno and have it tuned. Im sorry if this is a rookie question as ive only recently taken an interest in modifying my car

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At a guess the MX5 plugin might fit given they're about the same age and seem to be the same basic motor. Maybe have a look at the MX5 plugin manual (http://linkecu.com/documentation/MX5X.pdf) to confirm your ecu plugs are the same and your pinout is close enough.

ECUs don't have to be tuned on a dyno but you will get a better tune faster with the use of a dyno than you could otherwise.

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