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350z cruise control


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On 10/2/2016 at 11:25 PM, Scott said:


There are two base-maps we include with PCLink for the 350Z, the 350Z 'Auto trans' base map has cruise control configured, but the 'manual trans' base-map does not. You could use the Auto trans base-map as a reference if yours is switched off.


sorry to bring this old thread back up, but my cruise isnt working. 

i have 350 g4x plugin. i have compared the auto map to my manual map and the cruise settings are the same, but my cruise control doesnt work.

when i push the on button, the cruise light comes on the dash but when i hit the set button, nothing happens. it does not set and the speed falls.Nissan 350Z Manual trans quad VVT 7Bar G4X Xtreme Plugin - 600cc - AFR Traget - Fuel Table - IGN Table - 20220520 - 0829.pclx

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