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XOR 8 Checksum


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Trying to get a CAN AM cluster working via can. Half the messages have a XOR 8 checksum. As far as I can tell there's not much I can do to make these channels work if the value is moving. Other ecus do have an XOR8 function since a lot of manufactures add additional crc on critical or safety related signal messages. I can't think of any way to use a math channel to calculate a running checksum. Unfortunately all the external Arduino modules are on backorder or I'd get something like a Macchina M2 and retransmit a message with the proper checksum value. 

Anything I'm missing or just not gonna happen with my Link G4x? Perhaps a firmware update in the future might include an XOR 8 checksum function? Thanks


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I dont think checksum functionality will ever be implemented in the User CAN as there are some many different variations and every manufacturer does them slightly differently.  Some look at all btyes, some look at just the important ones etc.  There will often be other checks such as counters in some btyes that are ignored etc.  Anything like this really needs to be built-in to the firmware as a preconfigured OEM stream.

One of our south american techs was working on the Maverick CAN and Im pretty sure we made a beta firmware for him with the basic CAN in it.  From memory he didnt have the dash wake-up figured out yet.  On monday I will see if I can get a copy of that firmware.  If you have most of the CAN sorted out and want to share what you have it may help us get it completed. 

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