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Can Lambda issue

Lise MR2

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I have some issues with the CAN lambda and mu G4x PNP for the 3S-GTE ST215 (latest firmware), I have now added a capacitor 22uf to the supply with no luck.
We have monitored the power supply and it is fine while the error occurs. After intensive testing to reproduce the issue I am starting to think that this might be a software issue.
When I start the car from "cold" I never see the issue, however if I shut the car down and restart within a 2-3 minutes so I see the "Heated too long" issue and often the sensor falls off after a period before it finally returns to life some minutes later.

I can reproduce the issue consequently using the same procedure and by avoiding shutting the car off while waiting in lineup I have just completed an entire race weekend without problems normally it occurs 4-5 times.

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This is usually caused by a short sharp dip in voltage from an inductive load which means the controller cant maintain the correct current through the sensor.  The difference between hot and cold might be something like a fan starting up when battery voltage is already low after the restart.  Try moving the power supply - direct to the battery is usually best.   

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