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Hard start up with E throttle

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Hi there,

I have a EJ20 turbo engine controlled by a Fury G4X. Everything runs perfect, very smooth and makes good power. It idles perfectly no problem. 

however, I am having a hard start problem. Sometimes, it will start right up after 1-1.5 seconds of cranking. But most of the times, it does not want to start. I have cycle power a few times then it would start right up after 1-1.5s of cranking. 

This engine is the EJ20X (JDM Forester I think). It has 4 VVT but I only run 2 intake VVTs. 


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Can you give us a PC log of a start attempt.  Can you also give us a trigger scope taken at idle.  

Some of your start up fuel settings are a bit unusual but id like to confirm trigger first.  

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The car is at the fabricator getting its rollcage done. I can’t start the car to get a log as of now because the engine was removed. 

I did have a screen shot of the trigger scope (cranking) and the trigger error. It has been like this since the beginning. Maybe this is the culprit. 


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need a log, but your charge temp table isn't setup which could swing the trims a bit under different weather conditions... I doubt this is the starting problem but it will probably cause problems when engine is hot. 

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I would say arming threshold is likely the main issue.  You can see in the screenshot the arming threshold being used was 0.8V, yet some of your teeth only reach about 0.6V, this means the ecu would ignore these teeth and therefore wouldnt receive the correct trigger pattern.  

Lower the cranking arming threshold to about 0.3V.

I will attach below a map from our EJ207 test car, it starts well so you can probably use settings such as pre-crank prime, first crank prime etc as a better starting point.  The charge temp table also works pretty well in this car (stock sti top mount IC). 


Subaru WRX V11 2007-2011 Push button start.pclx

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