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Engine not pulling on a load


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I have a single cylinder 4 stroke engine (Briggs and Stratton Junior 206) that Im trying to tune up almost from scratch unfortunately. I use the Haltech ECU manager. Im not a master at this in any sense, so when tuning the base-fuel and base-ignition (the amount of fuel injected and ignition timing angle, respectively) I can get the car started without a load but when I add a weight to the car it no longer starts. It will die out almost immediately after letting go of the ignition if not a couple seconds later.

I have changed the spark plugs very frequenty over the past couple months, did a full engine maintenance session not too long ago (because of this issue), and so the engine is pretty clean and has mostly fresh components. I'm not exactly sure where the idle ignition timing should be, or if that is the correct state to focus on to get the car to just push a load on the dyno, but I have tested the angle around 5-16 degrees. 

If theres any tips anyone can give on why the engine is failing to start on a load that would be very much appreciated! 


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