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Help debugging Lamda to CAN


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Ive got 2 Link lambda to CAN sensors installed im trying to get functioning. Currently one of the sensors gets up to temp and then turns off. The other seems to function as it should. I've got both sensors running their own power wire from the battery and grounded at the ecu. I've also changed out the wideband sensors for new ones. Got continuity at all points and good voltage from the battery.

Is there anything else I can check or any data from the logs I've missed?

Singh_ls1_240.pclx Singh_ls1_240_WarmUp_LAMBDA.llgx

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@Adamw Hey thanks for the help. I got them to sort of working now. Im still getting the car ready to get on the dyno so it has a rough idle. What im seeing now is if the rpms dip one of the sensors will throw a error 26(batt undervoltage) and then go into a loop of error 33(open circuit) to 16(heated too long) until I raise the throttle a bit or turn the car off and on again. I'm also burning a bit of oil at cold startup, could that be throwing the sensors off or would they still give a reading?

Appreciate the help.

Singh_ls1_240.pclx 01.llgx 02.llgx

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