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Star Point Grounding - Do I need to change my setup?


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I'm doing some wiring upgrades on the race car and thinking about the overall design. At the moment I am using a star point grounding system on my car. Most items are all grounding to the ground plate on the fuse box (Narva 54450BL) for their power grounds. This fuse box then grounds to the battery via the chassis (this is something I want to change and run a direct cable)

I have a plug in G4X ecu, which has power grounds to the fuse box. 
IGN1A Ignition coils, have a power ground to the fuse box, sensor ground for trigger, and a cylinder head ground
A couple of other non-sensitive items such as fuel pumps, wipers, tail lights, fuel level sensor etc ground via the chassis. 
Sensors of course all ground through sensor ground on the ECU. 

Is this a suitable system to move forwards with? I will make a change to the fuse box so that it connects direct to the battery rather than via the chassis but other than that I'm not sure if anything else should be changed. I do read in a few places that the engine block is the best point for a star point ground, however that would involve making a new chassis loom as well as the engine loom I am about to do. 

Can any experts in this matter comment? 

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Sounds ok to me.  Engine block is the best star point when you have devices with grounds that cant be isolated from the engine block.  You also want to keep ground paths short for noisy devices such as some coils which dont have a separate secondary ground.  For example some COP's, Nissan CAS's, some oxygen sensors, some pressure and temp sensor ground through their mounting points. Your coils have a dedicated HV ground that you can connect to the cyl head and the rest probably doesnt apply.  

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