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E Throttle Calibration Error Code 16


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I'm currently running into an Error 16:  Cannot reach target 98% when trying to calibrate my E throttle. 

I'm running a Bosch 0280 750 036 from a VW 1.8T (mk1 TT) on my N300+

Its wired as per the attached diagram. 

PID Values are P 7.00 I 0.137  D 40.00 which were taken from the TT base map. 

Motor appears to move freely during initial calibration but just fails on the final part comparing main and sub tps. 

I've attached a log and my map and here's a link to a video showing what's happening.  

I tried swapping sub and main values on the map but it still fails at the same point. I'm assuming motor polarity is correct as the throttle plate appears to be reaching 100% initially. 

I've also tried 2 other spare throttle bodies and they all have the same behaviour. 

Any suggestions on what I have missed? 



r32-040622-neo-fuelvalues.pclr e throttle calibration.llg

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