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How to wire Mitsubishi DBW Throttle body?


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Hey everyone like the title says I am looking for some help on how to wire up a Mitsubishi Dbw throttle body. The one I found is a Mitsubishi eclipse 3.8L 65mm. I know that this throttle body is wired the exact same as a Evo X as it is an upgrade for those cars so the wiring I have found inside the help files in link show this .



and for the throttle pedal I found this 



so here is how I am understanding this gets wired but I know I am missing a lot of it so if you can help me fill in the blanks I would greatly appreciate it, I do understand that signal 1 and 2 go to auxiliary channels on the ecu but I have seen some conflicting info on the forums where people were splicing those in with other wires so I just want to confirm exactly how it goes.




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7 hours ago, 2.0L_turbo said:

ok so those do not splice into any other wires



7 hours ago, 2.0L_turbo said:

and then with the tps main and ap main do they get spliced together and run to the an volt?

No, the 2 APS signals get wired to 2 x AN Volt inputs, the 2 TPS signals get wired to 2 x AN Volt inputs.  So 4 AN Volts used in total.  


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