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Impreza WRX V6 - No fuelling with Siemens Dekka 80lb


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I tried the first start of the engine after an injector and ECU change (top feed conversion, and ECU changed for a G4X) but I don't have any fuel distributed.

the setup is : 
Fuel pump 255l/h Walbro

Injectors Siemens Dekka IV 80lb (840cc) ; 12.5 Ohms

I created a gauge with the injector duty cycle as below


While cranking the max reached by the gauge is 0.8 %

I tested the injectors out of the manifold and they are not cycling meaning I don't have nay fuel coming to the engine. I didn't measure the impedance at the injector but they are supposed to be high impedance.

The deadtimes are coming from the manufacturer's chart so I guess they are OK.

I didn't fill the "short pulse width adder" table.

Here is the base map I am using to start the engine: 

Subaru WRX V5-6 Premier demarrage.pclx


Do you have any clue where the issue may come from ? It's like for some reason it refuses to send signal

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

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