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Multi Fuel using Methanol/Petrol blend and ethanol content sensor


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Hi could someone help me out setting this up.  As E85 is ridiculously expensive here in the UK a lot of people a using a Methanol petrol blend to get similar results.

I've confirmed that when adding percentages of Methanol the "ethanol %" does change but I would like to know how I would set this up using the link.  I'm presuming "multi fuel blend" but not sure what settings to input for say a 20% blend of Methanol with petrol (which in the UK would have around a 5-10% of ethanol mixed in the pump)

Any help would be appreciated and I realise that the blend would need to be tuned for specifically and I couldn't just switch to E85 but as mentioned before it's not really an option here due to the cost.  (200 litres = £650+) 

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I would first experiment with some measured volumes to see how closely the reported ethanol content from the sensor follows real content.  I have seen a few others say it is not 1:1.  You will need this to ensure the multi fuel blend table is set up correctly.  

Otherwise it will be the same as an ethanol blend set up.  Enter the fuel properties for the primary fuel, tune it, then switch to multifuel mode, enter fuel properties for the secondary fuel, change fuel, check tune.  

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Yes it's definitely not a 1.1 ratio.  from my initial tests a 30% blend of Methanol to petrol is showing around 50% on the content sensor.  This is probably the most I would like to run anyway and I'd probably aim for closer to 20 - 25% just to give me a little head room.


I've done a quick blend table I'm assuming if I tune for this known value of 30% Methanol (50% on the content sensor) this should hopefully work well?


Can you also confirm these are the setting I should use or will I have to fudge these numbers due to the fact I'm not using 100%  Methanol? Am I better of making a additional fuel table?

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