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Hi. I just got done wiring my v88 to a 2gr.

For a while I was having a warning message trying to connect (everything auto), "Must use manufactures tuning software to tune this ECU!" (something like this). It throws it offline again.

I finally got it to update to firmware 4.9.8 to the ecu. Same thing. Downgrade to 4.9.3. Uninstall and install software. Finally get it to connect to the vipec and store the base tune. Decided to upgrade to 4.9.8. Back to the same thing. Been trying everything again, uninstalling, installing, turn car off, checking usb connection, unplugging wire loom a and b. 4 hours later, I give up. Why is so hard to ask for a simple thing?

Check 14v power source, good. Unplug connectors and check ground wires, good. Check ground on engine, good. I'm an out of ideas. I used to have a v44 when it first came out and never experience this problem. I definitely need help!!!

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I used the one you gave me on mr2oc. I got every wired that I need to get it running to the body. Got an error on AN Volt 9 for the e-throttle. Might had been the way I wired the relay. Still having that message.

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Sorry but dont understand last post.Could you connect with the vipec software yet?

For DBW :- you must clear all the errors ECU and software

- calibrate the FPS sensor

- calibrate the ethrottle.

You should be carefuly with the DBW dont power it on a long time before it is calibrated and working correct.

If you get errors look at the online help in the vipec software if your wirering is correct.

Post the error here.

You are the one with the spyder? Dont know what map i gave you.Could you please mail them to me,so i check if it is the right one.

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Dont know exactly but i think its not a good idea to operate with link software on a vi-pec.

Ask simon about that BEFORE you make a store or something else with the link software.

i open your MAP-File in VTS with no error messages.

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Sorry I sent the one you sent me. I snagit some photo. Could be that I had the early vipec.




While I was waiting for the photos to upload I got to connect to the Vipec. Had to clear the ecu from linkecu. Before I could even load anything, the warning message comes again and kicks the ecu offline. Tired it again and it don't work anymore.

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