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Idle control valve WRX v4


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I cant seem to get idle control valve working. Its not a stepper motor. Its a solenoid valve. Reading through all the topics nothing seems to work. I think my car originally had stepper motor. Checking the pinout it says b137-1 open end b137-2 close end. 


"The set up will be vary similar to the 2 wire control but with only one channels needed. 

Just pick an Aux and then assign as ISC Solenoid.

Check the frequency settings etc and make sure the second drive is now turned off. "

Can you check the map. I dont know how to check frequency settings to "make sure the second drive is now turned off"




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A V4 originally had a 3 wire valve - the valve is supplied 12V to the middle pin from the chassis wiring, the ecu grounds one end to open the valve or grounds the opposite end to close.  Only the V5&6 had a stepper motor.  Then in V7 they changed to a different type of 3 wire valve that only needed a single control wire, not a push pull type like V1-4.  

So provided you do have a normal V4 idle valve then Aux 1 should be set to "ISC Sol. Slave" and Aux 2 should be set to "ISC Solenoid" and 200Hz.  

The rest of your settings look ok.  

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I have the new type idle control solenoid v7. Sorry I forgot the most important part. This is my problem. Unfortunately couldn't find the old valve. How can I get this new one working. 



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Looks like Pin 1 goes to an aux on the ecu - you can use either aux 1 or 2.  You can use one of the aux wires that is already there.

Pin 2 is +12V, you can use the 12V wire that is already there.

Pin 3 is Ground, you can probably just connect this to the engine block or other good ground point.  

Do you have it wired like this?




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So did you wire it to aux 1 or 2?  if you set whichever aux you have used to "test PWM" at 10Hz does it click?

You know the connector pic above is looking back into the plug on the loom - wires pointing away from you?  

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I wired it to aux 1.  I will check whether i did wire the connector as you described. I will check and get back you you. Since i only have one wire going to ecu i assume my settings are fine for v7 right?

or shall i change it to the way you described (aux 1 ISC Sol. Slave. aux 2 isc sol).(this seems wrong to me for v7)

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