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Full Throttle RPM Limiting


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I've experienced a problem using electronic throttle regarding ignition cut. The thing is that the engine works properly while running, but when full throttle is applied, it seems like the ECU is limiting RPMs as you can clearly hear the ignition cut. I've searched for safety features of the electronics throttle but couldn't find nothing related to this, does someone know what can be going on here?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Vaughan,

The thing is I'm unable to save a pc log, I can upload an ecu log instead. Is this okay for you? We don't use turbo in the vehicle, do you know of any safety feature which could affect rpm limit?

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ECU Log will work if you get enough runtimes in it, would want to see % Fuel Cut, %Ignition Cut, all the Limit statuses, engine speed, MAP, TPS, Lambda and Lambda Target. Probably a good idea to include Ignition angle and Injection Effective PW as well.

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