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e36 m50 pnp: MAP sensor setup


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Im in the process of setting up a g4+ pnp in my bmw e36 at the moment and currently just working out the MAP sensor. Im looking at either using the internal MAP sensor or running it through the AFM wiring and just had some questions about each methods. 

1. If using internal MAP do I only need to hook it up to a pressure source? I can see its hooked up to An Volt 6, is there anything I should be connecting there or is that just stated for calibration purposes?

2. If running through AFM, since my AFM signal is already ran into the correct pin do I actually need to do anything else? Or would that already be done and can just set it up as is when calibrating

3. Should I just hook up both of these options?

Also if Im missing anything please let me know haha!
Thanks in advance.

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