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JZX90 ExtremeX DBW Help


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Hi All,

G4X ExtremeX, Bosch DBW, 1JZ Non VVTi in JZX90 with DBW wired per Link instructions.

I'm sure I've missed something stupid here so apologies in advance. Both TPS and APS callibrate successfully and APS Sub and Main appear to be working correct with 0-100% range but the TPS isn't moving in SETUP MODE, ON or while cranking. Target table is 1:1 for now.

I've attached the relevant tables, log and tune file. As you can see in the log the TPS sits at 5.6% regardless of what the APS is doing. 

Thank-you in advance for your assistance and expertise,




E-Throttle 1 Target.png



E-Throttle Setup 1.png

PC Datalog - 2022-06-20 11;58;37 pm.llgx Toyota JZX90 BTM90.pclx

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Perfect thanks Adam! Started right up. Kicking myself for not picking up that mistake.

My trigger offset is ~360 degrees away from the included JZX90 base map offset of 351 degrees. Would this just be becuase I'm using the rear cam sensor position which is 180 degrees away from the front cam position tab on the intake cam? My trigger sensor polarity is correct.

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Hopefully the last question on this Adamw: if the key on sweep works for my tachometer is that any indication that the resistor/gutted relay mod isn't necessary? The PCB resistor on the signal into the tach is only 24K not the 43K Ohm that most replace with a 1K resistor and it was a factory 1JZ-GTE car with individual coils.

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