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colder spark plugs

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If you are running wasted spark I would avoid at all costs as resistive plugs must be used in a wasted application.

However if its coil on plug or distributor then there is a very good chance they will be fine. Often it can be an issue for PC connection but the running of the engine is unaffected.

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We have coil on plug but the CDI is wired in wasted configuration as the CDI provided only had 4 outputs. Would have rathered 6 outputs as it is a 6.. but using what was given.

Still no good?

Have some resister plugs but they are the big size and hard to get a socket around.

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Hi Koo,

long time no see.

In all honesty it is the luck of the draw with this issue.

I have lots of cars running ViPEC ECU'S with CDI's and wasted spark running NON resistive sparkplugs without comms issues, dropping off line etc.

I think out of all the cars I have done , there is only two I have to remove the non resistive plugs and fit resistor plugs to stay online with the ecu when doing tuning changes.

If you twist the positive and negative wires from the CDI UNIT to the coils it does reduce noise and keep the CDI output wires as far away as possible from the ECU and it's wiring.



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