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Sr20 MAF solution.


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I have a stock SR20. I loaded the program and am unable to do the MAP calibration due to me having a MAF sensor. What are the necessary steps I should take so that my ECU will read off of the MAF sensor. I looked at the ECU pin out of the stock ECU and it’s going to AN Volt 4 on the Link ecu, but I am unsure of how to tell the ECU to run off the MAF rather than the MAP

I have done all other calibrations and the car idles extremely rough, and it’s reminiscent of a car running with a dirty or no MAF. 

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In terms of tuning stuff I would say set 'Equation Load Source' (Fuel->Fuel Setup->Fuel Main) to Load=OFF and then make sure all tables that typically use MAP (AFR/Lambda target, Fuel table, charge temp approximation, Ignition table etc) are set to use MAF instead of MAP on their axes. You will also want to run through and adjust any MAP specific settings like idle lockouts to values that won't interfere with engine running.

When I had a play with using MAF on a friends 3VZ-E Hilux Surf (Four Runner) I filled out the fuel table based on math around converting mass of air at different engine speeds into mass of fuel air per cylinder and then mass of fuel per cylinder as (using Traditional Fuel Mode) and then used my O2 feedback (only had a narrowband for most of my playing) to create the MAF calibration. It did tend to run pretty average but it also had very little tuning and older MAF sensor like the one that vehicle had are known to be slow and innacurate.

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