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toyota celica gt4 st205 will not go over 4000rpm


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hello guys i need a hand 

my car have been in and out the shop and there cant help me now, i got a celica st205 import with a link g4 plus, link aim display, taucon display, 1200cc injecters, full fuel rail, link flex flue, fuel reg, 340lpm fuel pump, fmic, coil on plug kit with 1zz coils, garret g25 660 turbo was working fine one day was driving fine going over 6000rpm etc got a mot went back home next day started up and coil 1 burn out replace it and did not work and now will not go pass 4000rpm and when it get to 4000rpm it start jumping, can anyone help here is the map and log 

log 2.llg toyota celica st205 wdell.pclr

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It looks like a misfire, you can see the lambda go erratic at the same time.  It is heading very rich just before it starts to misfire though - have you tried making leaner in that area?

Are they genuine coils or a good quality branded replacement like Bosch?  I have see some very poor performing clones of the Toyota coils.  

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Bosch 0986AG0502 is the one I have used before but that was the 2ZZ one which I think is slightly different mount location.  These gave better life than the factory Denso ones when I was involved in the Toyota racing series.  Looks like 1ZZ part is 0986AG0503

I've also had good luck with NGK coils for other engines so they are possibly worth looking at.  


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